Moulana Cajee leaves Lenasia South’s Masjid Abubakr after 21 years

In his book entitled ‘Leading with Compassion’, the author Louay Safi defines ‘compassionate leadership’ as the legacy of those special individuals who, when called upon to assist and transform the communities, bring hope, enlightenment and justice to places where despair, confusion and exploitation is entrenched. He also states that compassionate leaders are those visionary leaders whose character, competence and compassion are all intertwined for the betterment of those whom they serve.

Lenasia South was, and is still blessed, to have such a leader as Moulana Abubakr Cajee.

In February, 2002, Moulana Abubakr Cajee assumed duty as Imaam of Masjid Abubakr in Lenasia South Ext 4 where communities were in dire need of compassionate leaders. He immediately immersed himself in initiating upliftment programmes in the community and beyond. His heart was for the poor residents of Lenasia South Ext 4; his philanthropy towards these residents is legendary. He ensured that welfare recipients be treated with dignity and respect. He did, however, subscribe to the view that potential welfare recipients be empowered with skills to make themselves self-sufficient in due course. In this respect, he contributed towards many an empowerment project.

As a young activist, Moulana Abubakr Cajee, played a pivotal role in various community-based structures, even to the extent of being arrested by the South African Police Services. In 2017, he joined other community leaders as they challenged the Lenasia South Police to make an immediate and transparent investigation into the death of a security personnel employed by a local security company. Moulana Abubakr Cajee continues to fight for social justice. He takes inspiration from the Holy Quraan and from the pristine conduct of the Holy Prophet Muhammad (PEACE BE UPON HIM). In his discourses with people, Moulana Abubakr Cajee would often quote a line from the Holy Quraan which aptly describes the Holy Prophet Muhammad (PEACE BE UPON HIM):

“We sent you merely as a mercy to all humanity”

(Chapter: Ambiyaa 21:107)

He always embraces the values and teachings of his beloved Prophet Muhammad (PEACE BE UPON HIM). Hence, his Friday sermons were often sourced from the Holy Quraan and Hadeeth (authentic narrations). He has the remarkable ability to relate these to contemporary life and situations. Hence, his lectures are always relevant and topical. The congregants easily relate to these Quranic messages and morals implicit in his talks and feel inspired. These sentiments are shared by Yusuf Osman and Yunus Vally, both are of whom are closely associated with the Lenasia South Muslim Association (LSMA).

Moulana Abubakr Cajee will soon be relocating from Lenasia South but will continue with his business operations in this area.

Although he will no longer be residing in Lenasia South, Moulana Abubakr Cajee will always be appreciative of his involvement with LSMA and the community at large.

“The Lenasia South Muslim Association acknowledges the yeoman service rendered by Moulana Abubakr Kajee and wishes him well in his future endeavours. May Allah (SWT) reward him for all that he has done. Ameen,” said LSMA’s Chairperson, Brother A.R. Cassoo.  

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