Lenasia South woman found hanging in park

Residents are reeling in shock following the discovery of a woman’s body hanging from this swing pictured below – at the Lenasia Eco Park on Bedford Street in Lenasia South, Ext 1.

The disturbing discovery was made today by three youngsters on their early morning jog, who immediately alerted the Kingfisher boom gate security guards and the neighbouring community. Police were called to the scene and the deceased’s body was later removed.

The swing where Singh’s body was found hanging from in Lenasia South, Ext1

The woman, postively identified as Mekelly Singh, was a 39-year-old mother of 4, her youngest is only seven-months-old.

Shocked friends who knew the deceased described her as a loving and bubbly individual. They said she did not show any signs of depression or that anything was troubling her. However, another said that she sometimes slept on a bench at the park and was indeed a troubled soul.

The father of the deceased’s seven month old, who was visibly distraight, told Globe Post: “I’m still in disbelief! When I last saw her around 10.30pm last night, she was fine and did not show any signs of sadness. We did not fight or have any argument. When I was called to identify her body, I could not believe she hanged herself and left our seven-months-old baby.”

At time of this post, we had still not heard back from SAPS on Singh’s cause of death to determine suicide or if foul play was involved.

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