GDE opens 2025 Online Admissions for Grade 1 and 8 learners

The Gauteng Department of Education (GDE) has announced the opening of the 2025 online admissions application process for Grade 1 and Grade 8 learners. The application period begins on Thursday, 11 July, at 8am and closes on Monday, 12 August 2024, at midnight.

The GDE Online Admissions System, which was introduced in 2015, continues to provide an efficient and transparent platform for parents and guardians to secure school placements for their children. The system has achieved a 100% placement rate for complete applications, successfully placing approximately 400,000 learners ahead of the 2024 academic year.

Key features of the online system include:

Ease of Access: Parents and guardians can submit applications from home, offices or Decentralised Admissions Walk-in Centres across Gauteng.

Accurate Planning: The system provides immediate access to data and statistics, facilitating better planning and reporting.

Queue Elimination: The online system removes the need for long queues at schools during application periods.

Timely Placement: All learners are placed within specific timeframes, ensuring a streamlined admissions process.

To apply, parents and guardians must first register on the GDE admissions website, which will go live on 11 July 2024. Previous login details will not be valid, so all applicants must create new login credentials.

The application process involves a five-step process: Register parent/guardian. Home address, register learner details.

Apply to a maximum of five schools upload or submit documents. Parents are encouraged to complete all five steps to ensure their applications are considered for placement. Additionally, providing a reliable cellphone number is crucial for receiving SMS notifications about the application status and reminders.

The system also emphasizes the importance of selecting schools within feeder zones to increase the chances of placement and advises against submitting fraudulent documents. The GDE will verify all documents, and submitting false information may result in non-placement.

For parents without internet access, the GDE has set up 80 Decentralised Walk-In Centres across 15 education districts, where officials will assist with applications. Libraries, head offices, district offices, and schools will also serve as walk-in centres.

For more information, parents can contact the GDE through various channels, including a toll-free number, WhatsApp, email and social media platforms.

Secure your child’s spot in a Gauteng public school for the 2025 academic year by applying online today!For more details, visit the GDE admissions website at

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