Lenasia South’s Keamogetswe Phiri’s inspirational journey to Miss Teenager South Africa

At just 15 years old, Keamogetswe Phiri is already making waves as a promising contestant in the Miss Teenager South Africa pageant. The Southview High School learner embodies the qualities of a driven and organised individual who, despite her shyness, exudes confidence and determination. In this exclusive interview with GLOBE POST Keamogetswe shared her journey, inspirations and aspirations as she competes for the coveted title.

Her entry into the world of beauty pageants was inspired by the unwavering encouragement from her family, friends, and community. She said: “I was encouraged to try something new. I want to represent my community and inspire others, hoping to be the change we’d all like to see.”

Participating inpageants has offered Keamogetswe invaluable opportunities for personal growth and learning. She shared: “What I enjoy most about participating in pageants is the learning and growth opportunities.” The inspiration and drive she gains from these experiences have been instrumental in shaping her journey. One of the most rewarding aspects for her has been learning the tips and tricks from her time as a semi-finalist, which has helped her understand what to expect and how to conduct herself in the competition.

Despite her enthusiasm, Keamogetswe has faced her share of challenges, particularly in overcoming self-doubt. “I have faced challenges like not believing that I can be the future Miss Teenager South Africa,” she admitted. Public speaking has also been a hurdle, but she is actively working on improving this skill. Through it all, she remains resilient, determined to push past these obstacles.

Support from the community has been a cornerstone of Keamogetswe’s journey. She speaks warmly of the encouragement and backing she has received, highlighting a memorable moment when her community rallied behind her.

She told GLOBE POST: “This article is to bring awareness about my current goals.”

As a contestant, Keamogetswe is passionate about advocating for youth-related issues. “I am most passionate about the youth and topics regarding youth and everything youth,” she explained, adding that she aims to bring awareness to the challenges teenagers face, such as fear of speaking up, teenage pregnancies and peer pressure. If she wins the title, Keamogetswe plans to tackle these issues head-on and propose solutions to address them.

She believes that her unique perspective, passion, and understanding make her a strong candidate for the title.

“I have a unique perspective, I am passionate and enthusiastic,” she stated. She urges the community to support her by sending encouraging words, sharing their stories and offering advice or guidance.

Keamogetswe identifies confidence, hard work, passion, leadership, creativity, and a positive attitude as the essential qualities of a successful and influential beauty queen. Her mother, who never gives up and consistently brings out the best in her, serves as her role model and a source of inspiration.

Looking ahead, Keamogetswe envisions herself continuing to inspire others, advancing her education, and making a positive impact. “Miss Teenager South Africa can help me achieve my goals in various ways,” she noted, citing confidence boost, personal growth, media training, and career opportunities.

To young people aspiring to participate in beauty pageants, her advice is clear: “Rome was not built in a day. You will not always be on top; you have to start somewhere and always be confident in what you are doing.”

As a fun fact, Keamogetswe reveals her keen interest in fashion and the latest trends. Describing her journey in three words—transformative, challenging, and educational—she reflects on how the pageant has been a life-changing experience, filled with self-discovery, perseverance, and valuable lessons.

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