Update on Rand Water maintenance

Maintenance work at the Zwartkopjes Pump Station by Rand Water has been completed and the power outage that affected the station last night has been restored this morning. Pumping operations are now running at full capacity, reaching 100 percent.  

Some systems supplied by Zwartkopjes are steadily recovering, however, the following systems are still struggling:

•Crown Gardens Reservoir and Tower remains critically low, with the tower currently empty. The reservoir outlet is closed to allow capacity to build up. Residents are currently experiencing no water supply; however, alternative water supply arrangements have been made. •Eagles Nest Reservoir The situation has improved slightly but remains critically low. Poor water pressure to be expected in certain parts of the supply zone.  

Aeroton Reservoir and Tower water levels are critically low and on bypass, which is resulting in poor pressure or no water in the supply zone. An alternate water supply will be provided for the affected areas.  

Eikenhof Pump Station Work is currently underway, and the station is operating at 67% pumping capacity. Most of the Johannesburg Water systems supplied by Eikenhof are experiencing critically low levels or are completely empty.  

Soweto Systems Overall, Soweto systems are low, but supplying normally. However, Doornkop West and Protea Glen reservoirs are currently strained and poor pressure to no water is expected.   

Commando System The incoming supply is low and is impacting all the reservoirs within the system. Alternative water supply continues to be provided. 

• Crosby Pump Station for Brixton is currently off due to poor supply which impacts on Brixton Reservoir. 

•The Brixton Reservoir is critically low, and the outlet is closed, while the tower is empty. No water is expected in the supply zone. Alternate water supply will be provided to the affected areas.

Pumping will resume as soon as the supply improves.  

• Hursthill 1 and 2:  Both reservoirs are currently empty due to no incoming supply. No water is expected in the supply zone. The Hursthill 2 reservoir outlet remain closed to build capacity when the supply improves. 

 Randburg System  Most Randburg reservoirs and towers are currently empty due to no incoming supply. Johannesburg Water continues to provide alternative water supply while the maintenance work continues.   

The following reservoirs and towers are affected: Linden 1and 2, Kensington B, Blairgowrie, Quellerina, Waterval and Florida North.   

The following reservoirs are low, but supplying normally: Boschkop, Cosmo City, Honeydew, and Randpark Ridge. 

Roodepoort System Currently, most systems are empty due to lack of incoming supply, except for the Horizon Tower, which is operating at a low level but supplying water normally.   

The following reservoirs and towers are affected: Helderkruin reservoir and tower, Constantia tower and Witpoortjie reservoir and tower.  

Lenasia Systems

All reservoirs are currently low, resulting in low water pressure or no water supply. Johannesburg Water is continuing to provide alternate water supply options while maintenance work is ongoing.  


Pumpstation Maintenance work is completed but the system remains low and is recovering.

The following reservoirs are recovering and supplying low: Orange Farm, Ennerdale and Lawley.

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