iConnect4kids inspires young innovators at Lenasia Robotics Expo

On 13 June, Al Aqsa High School in Lenasia was alive with excitement as it hosted the iConnect4kids Robotics Expo.

This inspiring event showcased the remarkable achievements of students from Al Aqsa and LMS, all participants in the iConnect4kids Extra Curricula programme led by Tasneem Karodia Nana. The expo provided a platform for these young minds to demonstrate their creativity, design skills, building expertise and communication abilities.

Each team proudly presented their unique robotic creations to an enthusiastic audience of parents and educators, bringing their robots to life through live demonstrations.

The event featured a range of innovative robots, including:

Balloon Blower: Created by Midhat Gaffoor, Faatima Zahra Gaffoor, and Yusraa Nana, this robot automatically inflates balloons, showcasing an understanding of air pressure and automation.

Multi-functional Robot: Designed by Maseeha Omarjee and Faatima Badshah, this robot can sweep and write, highlighting the students’ ability to integrate multiple functions into a single build.

One-Eyed Futuristic Robot: Built by Amaarah Khan and Safiyyah Ebrahim, this imaginative robot, described as one that can “see into the future,” captivated the audience with its unique concept.

Bus Robot: Constructed by Maseeha Mia and Yumna Salijee, this robot uses DC motors and switches to control the movement of the bus and its doors, demonstrating basic electrical principles.

The students’ presentations were complemented by detailed PowerPoint slides that walked the audience through their journey of conceptualizing, designing and building their robots. These presentations highlighted not only the technical aspects but also the learning process and teamwork involved.

The success of the event was evident in the awe and admiration expressed by parents and educators. The Robotics Expo was not just a display of technical skills but also a testament to the creativity, problem-solving abilities and collaborative spirit fostered by the iConnect4kids program.

The students’ enthusiasm and the sophistication of their projects underscored their potential for future innovations and the importance of nurturing young talent in robotics.

The iConnect4kids Robotics Expo at Al Aqsa High School was a resounding success, celebrating the intersection of education, creativity and technology. It left a lasting impact on all attendees, paving the way for a bright future in robotics.

For those interested in gearing up for the 4th industrial revolution, contact Tasneem at 082 701 2077, visit www.iconnect4kids.co.za, or follow us on Instagram: iconnect_kids.

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