Finetown residents block R558 in protest over land

Frustrated residents of Finetown have blocked the R558 road leading into Ennerdale in protest over land issues.

The protesters allege that they were forcefully evicted from government land between Ennerdale Ext 6 and Finetown, where they had erected their shacks. They claim that a group of security personnel attacked their homes last night, burned their shacks, stole their belongings, and fired live rounds at them.

One of the protesters showing empty cartridges which they allege were used by security personnel when they fired onto them last night (12 June 2024)

Globe Post was on the scene and spoke to Pule Masilo, Garth Christiansen, Makena Lebogang, General Seleke, and Fusi Mafohla. They said: “We occupied the area because it is lying idle and a lot of criminality is happening there. The demarcation between Ennerdale and Finetown must end. We are being bullied to leave the area; this is the second time our shacks have been burned and removed by people who want to keep the apartheid-era demarcation alive.”

JMPD is on scen monitoring the situation.

This is a developing story. More details to follow.

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