LifeSpheres: Healing trauma, one community at a time

Founded by Diana Canant in 2015, LifeSpheres is on a mission to address trauma in communities worldwide, building resilience that empowers them to thrive.

Although the organisation is based in Westdene, Joburg West, it works globally, including in Lenasia South and neighbouring areas. Its training programmes are inclusive, offering skills to both educated and non-educated individuals.

Through collaboration with committed partners, LifeSpheres envisions communities where members have overcome trauma, regained resilience and contribute to overall community strength, enhancing their capacity to face challenges and build a better world.

“We honour the innate wisdom of individuals to navigate their challenges within their cultural context and draw their own conclusions. Unresolved trauma is the most damaging threat to public health globally, underlying individual and community dysfunction. Addressing human suffering effectively requires broad trauma resolution,” Cenant told GLOBE POST.

LifeSpheres seeks sponsors to continue their impactful work. For those interested in helping, please visit their website turningthetideoftrauma.

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