Irfaan Mangera invites all to Homecoming Gathering event

Irfaan Mangera will host his Homecoming Gathering on 25 May, to engage supporters, undecided voters and members of the various communities he represents and serves.

He extends an invitation to all to attend. Mangera told Globe Post: “This is arguably one of the biggest moments in my life, standing up for public service as a candidate for RISE Mzansi. Your presence here would mean the world to me and I would deeply appreciate it if you could attend and invite friends and family to join as well.”

“Our country is at a crossroads. Do we unite for good governance, healthy and safe communities, food and water for all, or do we continue to entrust the corrupt, old, and unaccountable leaders who drive us further into destruction and division? I am standing up as a qualified, experienced and committed leader for you and your families. I encourage you to join me in hope – for a South Africa that is safe, equal, united and prosperous. We can make it possible in one generation,” added Mangera.

Venue: Baitun Noor Centre, Turkoois Ave, Lenasia

Time: 13:30 for 14:00

Refreshments will be served.

Those interested in attending must RSVP here: (

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