CITY POWER UPDATE: Lenasia South, Migson Manor, Finetown, Grasmere and Mountain View to be restored today while Ennerdale, Meriting and Lawley will be restored tomorrow

The teams from City Power and Eskom are on site working on fast-tracking the restoration of power supply after a burnt basbar link and protection cables were stolen from the Ennerdale Substation, causing an outage.

That outage affected the Ennerdale, Lunar, Lenasia South, and Hopefield Substations.

Eskom is currently working on repairing the burnt basbar link. Once repairs are complete from their side, Lunar and Lenasia South Substations will be back on.

Estimated time of restoration on this section is 16h30.

The following customers will be restored today once Eskom completes repairs:

Lenasia South
Lenasia South ext 4, 7,
Migson manor
Mountain View,
Grasmere Toll plaza, and surroundings.

However, customers who are supplied from the Ennerdale and Hopefield Substations will remain off until repairs are complete.

The protection team has finished assessing the extent of the damaged and stolen control cables from City Power’s side.

The team is busy sourcing materials for repairs. They estimate to complete repairs by atleast Wednesday afternoon.

The following areas will remain off until tomorrow:

Ennerdale ext 1-14,
Lawley 1,
Lawley 2 and surroundings.

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