City Power to upgrade prepaid meters in Lawley, Lenasia South & Lehae to ensure uninterrupted electricity supply

City Power is urging residents in the Lenasia SDC to cooperate with its ongoing Token Identifier Programme launched in August 2023 to upgrade prepaid meters to ensure they continue functioning beyond 24 November 2024.

City Power spokesperson, Isaac Mangena, said: “We’ve intensified efforts to upgrade prepaid meters across Johannesburg. Due to outdated technology, existing meters will stop dispensing electricity in November if not upgraded.”

Important Dates for Meter Upgrades:

  • Lawley Ext 2: April 15 – 25
  • Lawley Estate: April 15 – 18
  • Lawley Ext 1 & 3: April 17 – 22
  • Lawley Ext 5 & 8: April 17 – 21
  • Lenasia South Ext 4: April 21 – 25
  • Lenasia South Ext 2: April 21 – 27
  • Lenasia South Ext 7: April 25 – 30
  • Lehae: April 25 – 30

City Power authorized agents will conduct audits, resets, and replacements entirely free of charge. Residents in designated areas can expect visits from easily identifiable teams wearing yellow TID-branded bibs or T-shirts. These agents will also carry valid ID cards with photos, names, surnames, and expiry dates.

The power entity says it is aware of criminals impersonating meter readers to gain access to homes and rob residents and urges residents to contact it for verification.

Mangena added: “Residents can verify agent credentials by calling the number on the branded bibs or ID cards. Remember, this service is free. Do not pay anyone claiming to reset your meter.”

Residents should report any suspicious activity, such as requests for payment for meter resets or individuals not wearing branded clothing and lacking identification.

For further information or support, contact City Power:

  • Call Center: 0800 202 925 or 011 490 7484
  • Service Delivery Center Customer Desks

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