City Power and Rand Water teams working tirelessly to testore Eikenhof Substation

Repairs are currently in progress at Eikenhof substation, where power supply was lost yesterday evening due to a flash-over on one of the feederboards.  

Both teams from City Power and Rand Water worked throughout the night on repairs and restoration plans. The team managed to dismantle the damaged structure last night, and the cleaning process was completed this morning.   

Tests are currently underway, and one side of the board has already tested clear. We are busy testing the breakers on one side of the cleared feederboard. Should this test pass, we should be ready to restore at least 50% of the load. 

 We will then remain with the other feederboard where more work is expected, including the replacement of insulators and testing. All the required materials will be delivered on site in due course.   

After all installations, final tests will be done to determine whether we are ready to liven up 100%, and bring all Rand Water operations back on. 

We believe that we are still on track to finish all the work and restore power supply to the Rand Watet Board by this evening.   

Both Rand Water and Joburg Water are constantly updated on the repairs progress to enable them to do contingency measures on their side. The cause of the flash over, which happened during the normalisation work after the weekend Planned Maintenance, is still being investigated.

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