Sihle Mtshali Awards set to showcase Lawley’s youth excellence

In a bid to recognize and celebrate the hard work and innovative endeavors of Lawley’s young people in 2023, Sibonelo “Pastor” Mtshali is set to host the inaugural Sihle Mtshali Awards on 11 May at Lawley Primary School.

The Sihle Mtshali Awards aim to inspire and motivate young individuals to continue honing their talents and leveraging the resources available to them. Mtshali emphasizes the importance of nurturing local talent, particularly in a community where opportunities may be scarce.

Sibonelo told GLOBE POST: “Many young people in our community feel disheartened by the lack of opportunities. It’s vital to recognize those who persevere and make a positive impact despite their circumstances.”

Highlighting the diverse talents within Lawley, the awards will honour individuals across various categories including event hosts, DJs, entrepreneurs, dancers, podcasters, MCs, footballers, and more. With approximately 12 categories featuring five nominees each, winners will be determined through a fair and transparent voting process.

To ensure impartiality and inclusivity, an independent company has been enlisted to oversee the voting process. Sibonelo invites potential partners and interested parties to reach out for collaboration or further information by contacting him directly on 084 404 2236.

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