3Gs celebrates Valentine’s with the elderly in Lenasia South

Yesterday, the God’s Gracious Givers (3Gs) hosted senior citizens for lunch at the Lenasia South Civic Centre to celebrate Valentine’s Day in a truly remarkable fashion. This annual tradition, cherished globally, took on a special significance as the community came together to honour love, camaraderie, and the invaluable wisdom of the elders.

Captivating Entertainment:

Dressed in resplendent hues, the Seniors immersed themselves in an array of entertainment activities, infusing the atmosphere with boundless enthusiasm. The event featured an eclectic mix of performances, ranging from modern Bollywood dances to soul-stirring saxophone melodies. Sisters Urika and Sitara Asman dazzled the audience with their graceful moves, while Amishka Singh’s eloquent speech resonated deeply, filling hearts with warmth and affection. Shane Reddy’s mesmerizing saxophone tunes added a touch of nostalgia, creating a serene backdrop for the Seniors to enjoy their sumptuous feast and delectable desserts.

Expressions of Gratitude and Community Spirit:

As the festivities unfolded, Chairpersons Veronica Govender (Daxina Senior Citizens) and Devi (Lenasia South Senior Citizens) expressed heartfelt gratitude to the organisers, 3Gs, for orchestrating an unforgettable celebration. Their words underscored the importance of fostering strong community bonds and spreading love and harmony, reflecting the essence of Valentine’s Day.

3Gs Chairperson, Vasie Pillay, further emphasized the significance of spending quality time with the elderly, acknowledging their invaluable contributions to society. Pillay extended sincere thanks to all participants, including Shane Reddy and the event sponsors, whose unwavering support ensured the success of the occasion. Their collaborative efforts exemplified the spirit of unity and generosity that defines the Lenasia South community.

Honoring Wisdom and Building Connections:

Beyond the festivities, the Valentine’s Day celebration served as a poignant reminder of the wealth of knowledge and experience embodied by the Senior citizens. Pillay urged society to recognize and honor the wisdom of the elderly, advocating for greater respect and appreciation. Through events like these, the community reaffirmed its commitment to fostering intergenerational connections and nurturing a culture of inclusivity and empathy.

In essence, the Valentine’s Day festivities in Lenasia South transcended mere tradition, serving as a testament to the enduring power of love, unity, and the indomitable spirit of its people. As the echoes of laughter and music lingered in the air, it was evident that the bonds forged on this special day would continue to strengthen, enriching the fabric of the community for years to come.

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