Inspiring a Love for Reading: Lotus School of Excellence marks World Read Aloud Day with library opening

To commemorate World Read Aloud Day, the Lotus School of Excellence officially opened its library at the school’s premises in Lenasia Ext 10 with renowned academic Dr Ismail Vadi presiding over the ceremony.

Dr Vadi emphasized the importance of books and reading to the learners, he addressed them, saying: “Open your minds to the beauty and value of reading; make it your passion. Leaders are readers, and no nation can progress without people reading or learning.”

Bangs Naidoo, Principal of Lotus School, expressed gratitude to all who attended the s event and emphasized the library’s importance in the learners’ academic journey. He encouraged them to take full advantage of the library resources, stating: “We’re opening this library for you; make the most of it. It is mandatory for each student to read at least one book every term.”

Naidoo also recognized the support and book donations from the Imperial & Motus Community Trust which was represented by Cindy Shekeshe at the unveiling ceremony.

World Read Aloud Day, observed annually on 7 February celebrates the transformative power of reading aloud. This initiative, established by the non-profit organisation LitWorld, aims to unite people and communities through the shared experience of storytelling and reading. It encourages both children and adults to pick up a book, find an audience, and read aloud, fostering a love for literature and connecting individuals through the magic of words.

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