Update: City Power technician found unharmed, vehicle found stripped in Lawley

City Power has confirmed that its technician presumed kidnapped has been found unharmed and is receiving counselling with his two colleagues after a traumatic experience following an attack and hijacking by a group of armed criminals while they were technicians were working in Lenasia South Ext 4 on Tuesday, 31 January.

The power utility cannot provide further details surrounding the matter as it is now a case handled by the Police.

City Power’s spokesperson, Isaac Mangena said: “City Power can, however, inform the public that initial reports on the matter suggested that the employee was kidnapped as, due the confusion and panic caused by the distressing events, the two technicians presumed that their colleague was taken by the hijackers as they could not locate him after the incident.”

The hijacked vehicle was found badly stripped in Lawley, Kokotela settlement at midnight.

Mangena added: “City Power would like to thank the community of Lenasia South Ext 4 for the partnership while working on resolving this issue. The battle against such criminal acts can be won when communities join forces with City Power and law enforcement agencies.We appeal to communities to continue with this partnership until perpetrators of this horrendous crime are brought to book.”

Anyone with information that can assist in the arrest of those responsible for this crime may contact the local Police or call City Power Risk Control on 011 490 7900, 011 490 7911. Alternatively, one can call City Power anonymous line, 0800 00 25 87.

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