Here’s how I made it: Ennerdale top matriculant – Tashnique Tiflin – shares how she scooped 4 Distinctions

Ennerdale’s Tashnique ‘Tashy’ Tiflin attended the Hill High School and secured an impressive 4 Distinction’s, she shares her story and offers advice to the class of 2024…

I secured admission to a Bachelor’s Degree with distinctions in Afrikaans First Additional Language, Life Orientation, Business Studies, and Life Sciences. Additionally, I achieved scores of 70% and above in Mathematics, English Home Language, and Economics.

When people asked how I managed, my response was simple: “I pray and study.” The role of faith alongside hard work is integral to my success. I couldn’t have accomplished this without God. I firmly believe that faith and hard work go hand in hand. What fueled my perseverance was the understanding that God would pave the way, and all challenges would ultimately work for my good and His glory.

This journey has been demanding and stressful, given the workload and limited time. I’ve learned the importance of effective time management throughout the year. Completing tasks promptly is crucial—do what you’re supposed to do when you’re supposed to do it. Every minute counts.

Maintain a positive attitude toward learning and studying. While there were times I didn’t feel like studying, I reminded myself that learning is a privilege. The only way forward is to keep pushing and, of course, continue praying!

To the matrics, this year may feel like you’re living at school and visiting home. When at school, stay attentive and avoid sitting at the back of the class as it can be distracting. Attend extra classes because the material covered there may not be revisited. When at home, take a break to eat and relax, then muster the energy to complete tasks and spend at least an hour on studying. Develop these habits before exam time; building them during exams will be more stressful.

You are capable! Manage your time efficiently, eliminate distractions (like Instagram), and give your best effort. This is your last year—make it count! Remember, discipline trumps motivation, and in the end, it will all be worth it.

*Please note story, headline and story have been edited to highlight the correct grades Tashy acquired. At first we had erronously said she scooped 7 distinctions. We sincerely apologise for any inconvenience caused.

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