Chemical Engineering beacons for Lotus School of Excellence’s top Matriculant

Lotus School of Excellence’s 2023 Matric class achieved an impressive 97,6 pass with 61% Bachelor’s and 25 Distinctions. Former Head boy and top achiever, Kean Hendriks scooped 4 A’s, 2 B’s and 1 C. He shares his story….

I am immensely proud to have achieved the remarkable position of Head Boy and top performer at Lotus School of Excellence. My gratitude goes to the Almighty for guiding me to this accomplishment. I extend my sincere thanks to my family, teachers, and principal for their invaluable support and contributions to my success. Additionally, I would like to congratulate my fellow scholars for their outstanding results.

My aspiration is to pursue Chemical Engineering at Wits, a renowned institution where I can further develop my skills and address my areas of improvement. The field of Chemical Engineering aligns with my passion for Mathematics, Physics, and problem-solving activities, allowing me to utilize and enhance my critical thinking skills. I believe that through this field, I can make a meaningful impact on my home country, South Africa, particularly if I have the opportunity to work for Eskom, the company offering me a bursary.

To the Matrics of 2024, my advice is to focus on your journey, work diligently from the very beginning, engage in past papers from previous years to familiarize yourself with examination questions, and regularly seek strength and wisdom through prayer. May your efforts lead you to success.

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