PA’s Gayton McKenzie leads two-day empowerment blitz in Ward 7

Patriotic Alliance’s president, Gayton McKenzie, recently visited Ennerdale, Finetown, and Meriting in Johannesburg’s Ward 7 for a two-day community empowerment organised by local councillor Lois Simonse.

The initiative aimed to address immediate concerns and foster lasting improvements within the community.

Day One kicked off with a community walkabout, enabling McKenzie to connect with residents and gain insights into their daily challenges. Simultaneously, the City of Johannesburg’s MMC of Transport, Kenny Kunene, led efforts to address critical infrastructure issues, showcasing a collaborative commitment to proactive governance.

Day Two focused on a community meeting led by Cllr Simonse, addressing pressing housing concerns within Meriting and surrounding areas. Residents voiced their challenges, fostering open dialogue and community-driven solutions with the involvement of key stakeholders.

The collaborative approach emphasized during the meeting reinforced the importance of inclusive governance and community empowerment, serving as a catalyst for positive change. The two-day event showcased a holistic approach to addressing the multifaceted needs of the community, emphasizing sustainable development and positive transformation.

In conclusion, the success of this initiative lies in its ability to identify challenges and mobilize collective efforts toward lasting solutions, benefiting the entire community.

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