Lenasia South Cars in the Park Event: A spectacular showcase of automotive passion

On 13 January, the Kiasha Park Grounds in Lenasia South Ext 4 became the vibrant hub for automotive enthusiasts as the Speed Demons Crew, in collaboration with Lenz South Spinning, hosted the much-anticipated Cars in the Park event which saw an impressive turnout of spectators, transforming the park into a haven for car aficionados and families alike.

The event featured various attractions, including the highly popular Show and Shine competition, a Park Off display and the heart-pounding Sound Pressure Level (SPL) and Bass Boxing competitions. Attendees were treated to a visual feast of meticulously maintained vehicles, each showcasing the unique style and creativity of their owners.

Tasneem Ebrahim, one of the organisers, shared her thoughts on the event, saying: “It went well, got very busy after 3pm with a lot of youngsters turning up. It was a family-friendly and safe environment, generally it was a good day.”

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