Ennerdale woman resists abuse, launches appeal against abusive husband’s bail

Fearing for her life and the safety of her children, Ennerdale Ext 5 resident, Gloria Tshabalala (41), has pleaded for justice and appealed for magistrates overseeing her abuser’s case not to grant him bail.

In an emotional account to GLOBE POST, Tshabalala revealed a harrowing 16-year marriage marred by persistent abuse. Summoning the courage to file for divorce unwittingly escalated the threat.

“He adamantly refuses to sign the divorce papers, and I believe the divorce angered him,” she lamented.

Despite obtaining a protection order against her husband for assault, he showed no regard. Later, found guilty but given the choice between jail time and a fine, he opted for the latter, subsequently becoming a free man.

However, his release marked a horrifying turn of events. He violently attacked her, leaving her stabbed and traumatized. Filing a case landed him in police custody, awaiting a bail hearing that has faced multiple postponements.

Gloria says she lives in constant fear, haunted by the prospect of him being released to fulfill his threat of killing her. The situation takes a toll on her and her children, rendering them prisoners in their own home, afraid to venture into the streets.

With the bail hearing scheduled for 8.30am on 19 January at the Lenasia Magistrate’s Court, Gloria fervently prays for her safety. She emphasizes that her husband, showing a clear intent to harm her, must remain in police custody and be sentenced to prison.

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