Ayanda Buthelezi crowned Miss Finetown 2023

In a splendid affair marked by elegance, the Miss Finetown 2023 held at the Finetown Multipurporse Hall on 3 December saw Ayanda Buthelezi emerge as the reigning Queen.

The pageant witnessed the crowning of not just one, but three exceptional individuals who captivated hearts and minds with their charisma and grace. Ayanda Buthelezi was crowned Queen with 1st Princess, Amahle Dangisa and 2nd Princess, Tshepo Lekale.

Queen Ayanda Buthelezi was awarded with a floating trophy and a collection of accolades, including a medal, certificate of distinction and luxurious gift bags filled with bespoke clothing from renowned brands. Furthermore, her journey to victory was further commemorated with an exclusive interview on Hillbrow radio, a captivating photoshoot with a celebrated photographer, and a memorable getaway trip. Notably, she was also granted opportunities for a ZCard feature and a compelling podcast interview, enhancing her prominence and reach within the community.

The 1st Princess, Amahle Dangisa, and the 2nd Princess, Tshepo Lekale, were also duly honoured for their outstanding accomplishments. Both received trophies, medals, and certificates. Their prizes included gift bags, a getaway trip, captivating photoshoots, and enriching podcast interviews. Additionally, they were each granted a makeup voucher, adding an extra touch of glamour to their well-deserved accolades.

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