Rivonia Circle and Umusa Projects host successful Electoral Reform Workshop in Lenasia South

Rivonia Circle, in collaboration with Umusa Community Development Projects held a groundbreaking Electoral Reform pilot workshop on 30 November at Umusa’s premises in Lenasia South Ext 4.

The event, themed “#Power to the Vote,” witnessed an impressive turnout, notably drawing in a large number of young participants eager to engage in discussions vital to their role as active citizens.

Among the esteemed guests were Londiwe Mntambo and Khanya, joined by John from the USA, representing Rivonia Circle. The workshop’s primary focus was to enlighten attendees about the significance of exercising their voting rights, especially emphasizing the pivotal role of the youth in driving change within the community and the nation at large.

The session proved to be an empowering experience for the participants, with discussions delving deep into the importance of voting as a tool for effecting change. One of the key takeaways highlighted was the idea that abstaining from voting inadvertently supports those who do not prioritize the best interests of the populace. This dialogue aimed to shift perspectives toward recognizing that refraining from voting essentially serves against one’s own choices and interests.

The workshop provided a platform for an in-depth exploration of electoral procedures, anticipated changes for upcoming election days, and the fundamental distinctions between voting for individuals versus supporting political parties. It aimed to equip attendees, especially the youth, with a comprehensive understanding of their role in the democratic process.

“The impact of this workshop on our community, particularly on our youth, cannot be overstated, the engagement facilitated by Rivonia Circle has left our young people feeling empowered and enlightened about their responsibility in shaping the future of our beloved country,” said Pastor Nomusa Radebe-Tshabalala, Founder and CEO of Umusa Community Development Projects.

Moreover, the workshop sparked a sense of civic responsibility among previously disengaged young individuals who had not recognized the necessity of their vote. They now stand poised to actively participate in future elections, acknowledging their critical role as agents of change within the nation.

Radebe-Tshabalala urged for the continued involvement of organisations like Rivonia Circle, emphasizing the need for neutral bodies that empower communities with the necessary information to make informed decisions, thereby contributing significantly to the nation’s development.

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