SANBS urges South Africans to donate blood ahead of the festive season  

The South African National Blood Service (SANBS) needs blood donations as blood stock levels decrease, posing a severe risk to patients in need. 

Since the implementation of the new digital donor questionnaire, aimed at streamlining the  donor registration process, on the 7th of November 2023, SANBS has seen a steady decline in  blood donations, with blood stocks currently sitting at only 1,8 days’ supply, pushing the  available blood to critically low levels across the country. This blood shortage may affect the  lives of numerous individuals reliant on blood transfusions. The technical issues experienced  with the implementation have since been resolved, and donors can look forward to an  enhanced donor experience.  

The strain on the blood supply impacts patients relying on blood transfusion and undermines  the preparedness to handle unforeseen emergencies, creating an alarming ripple effect at  healthcare facilities.  

“We are facing a critical shortage of blood and urgently call upon all South Africans to band  together to get through this challenging period. The demand for blood remains constant, yet  our current supply falls short of meeting this ongoing need. As we approach December, our donations are expected to decline due to the closures of workplaces and schools/ tertiaries.  Should this decline continue, our ability to meet the needs of patients will be severely  negatively impacted,” said Thandi Mosupye, SANBS Senior Manager for Marketing,  Communication, and Brand 

Donating blood is a safe process that takes only 30 minutes. SANBS urges all eligible and  healthy individuals to visit their nearest donation site and contribute to this life-saving cause.  

Every donation matters and holds the power to save lives, and each contribution is a lifeline  to someone desperately in need. 

To donate blood on the new system for the first time, a copy of your Identity document must  be presented; you must be between the ages of 16 and 75, weigh more than 50kg and be in  good health.

If you meet these requirements, find your nearest donation site by visiting the Donor Centre  map on the SANBS website or contact 0800 11 9031 or follow SANBS on its official social media  platforms: Twitter (@theSANBS); Facebook (@SANBS) and Instagram (@thesanbs).

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