Lancaster Primary’s Grade R learners ready for big school

On Tuesday, 28 November, Lancaster Primary School in Lenasia South Ext 1 held a graduation ceremony for its Grade R learners at Daxina Christian Church Centre to celebrate the little ones’ academic journey.

The learners celebrated their graduation in style as they graced the stage with their pink tutus to showcase their talents through various performances that included song and dance much to the delight of proud parents who witnessed their little ones perform with so much enthusiasm and confidence.

The principal, Jabetz Mooeketsi Mothupi, acknowledged the dedication of the parents and teachers who have made the day a success.

“What a fruitful and enjoyable day for my kids! I heartily appreciate the efforts from all the Lancaster Staff and Parents who made the day a memorable one for the innocent souls and future leaders of our society,” said Mothupi.

The graduation ended with a fun day held at Lancaster Primary where learners had a great time playing on the swings and water slides.

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