Lenasia South Ext 1’s HHHH & K Association conducts successful clean up operation

In a proactive effort to maintain a clean and hygienic environment, residents of Lenasia South Ext 1 came together for a cleanup operation on Handover Street on 18th November. Spearheaded by the HHHH & K Association Committee representing Hampton, Hammond, Hanover, Hyde, and Kanarie Street, the initiative aimed to address the litter accumulation next to the tennis courts.

The collaborative effort witnessed an impressive turnout from the community, showcasing a remarkable display of unity and commitment toward environmental sustainability. The organisers were immensely proud of the success of the cleanup drive and extend heartfelt thanks to everyone who contributed their time and effort. “It’s crucial for each resident to take ownership and actively engage in maintaining the cleanliness of our surroundings,” said the organisers.

However, despite the commendable efforts, the Association has issued a humble plea to the community, urging them to refrain from dumping waste in the area. The sustainability of the cleanup endeavours hinges on continued support and vigilance from all residents to prevent further littering.

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