JDA launches transformative project to upgrade gravel roads to asphalt in Finetown Proper

The Johannesburg Development Agency (JDA) has set forth on an ambitious project aimed at transforming the infrastructure of Finetown Proper by upgrading gravel roads to asphalt.

This initiative seeks to construct safe and reliable surfaced roads alongside stormwater accommodation infrastructure, ultimately enhancing the movement systems for both vehicles and pedestrians within the area.

The initial phase of this extensive project will concentrate on a 1.070km stretch, primarily focusing on the enhancement of Road D (approximately 431m) and Simmonds and Wilson Street (approximately 639m).

With an allocated budget of R6.5 million, the first phase will primarily address community health concerns related to stormwater management and bolster safety measures concerning the roads. The project’s scope includes various crucial aspects, such as:

  • Relocation, adjustment, or alteration of existing services, including sewer manholes.
  • Earthworks, incorporation of new roads layerworks, asphalt surfacing, and the creation of gravel shoulders.
  • Implementation of new stormwater infrastructure.
  • Remedial work and connection to existing stormwater services where necessary.
  • Cutting through existing surfaced roads for the installation of new stormwater lines and subsequent reinstatement of layerworks and surfacing.
  • Construction of pre-cast kerbing to enhance road infrastructure.
  • Installation of road signage and necessary road markings.

The JDA’s initiative aims to significantly improve the quality and safety of transportation systems in Finetown Proper, addressing critical community needs while ensuring a more robust and sustainable infrastructure for the future.

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