Quarter two statistics show crime surge in Lenasia

Earlier today, General Bheki Cele, South Africa’s Police Minister, unveiled the Quarter Two Crime Statistics for 2023/2024 in Pretoria. The figures disclosed today reflect cases reported to and investigated by the SAPS between 1 July and 30 September 2023.

Among the top 30 stations across the nation grappling with elevated crime rates is Lenasia Police Station which registered a significant increase in various criminal activities.

During the reported period, the following incidents were documented within Lenasia:

  • Trio Crimes: 94 cases
  • Truck Hijacking: 5 cases
  • Robbery at Non-Residential Areas:  25
  • Kidnapping: 35 cases – Lenasia; 30 cases – Lenasia South

The surge in these specific crimes within Lenasia underscores a concerning trend, prompting a need for enhanced community vigilance and law enforcement measures in the area.

Read the full crime stats here

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