Lawley’s Kimberly rises to greater modelling heights

Kimberly Mandlazi (21) is an aspiring model who embodies a strong belief in hard work, discipline and consistency.

Since embarking on her modelling journey in 2014, these principles have propelled her career forward. In 2016, she took part in the Quad Triple M Production Journey pageant in Lenasia that refined her skills and boosted her confidence.

Describing it as both exciting and educational, she continued her endeavors as a street model until joining the Babylon Empire agency in Ennerdale, where she delved into the art of storytelling through photographs, collaborating with fellow models and photographers.

This year, Kimberly returned to pageantry, participating in Miss Independent in Protea Glen and Miss Passionate Gauteng, where she emerged as a finalist.

Reflecting on her journey, she acknowledged the challenges but expressed gratitude for how far she has come in pursuing her modeling career.

“Although I haven’t reached my ultimate goal, I believe that my consistent efforts and dedication will eventually lead me to my desired reality,” she told Globe Post.

Kimberley aims to be recognised as an iconic fashion model and eagerly anticipates opportunities that will contribute to her growth within the fashion industry, she invites others to follow her journey on Facebook (Sasha Kimberly) and Instagram (theslim.diamond).

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