Twerk your way to fitness with Lawley’s Zukiswa

Embark on a fitness journey with Zukiswa Bottoman, co-founder of twerk4fitness Africa, also known as Zee_Mermaid. Growing up in Lawley Ext 1, Zukiswa aims to redefine twerking as an expressive art form.

Alongside her twin sister, she started teaching dance in their garage, later transitioning to online twerking classes during the pandemic for both mental and physical well-being.

In 2022, they collaborated with DJ Tomboy from Germany to co-host ecstatic dance classes, showcasing twerking as a unique form of self-expression.

Responding to the demand in Europe, they expanded to the UK, inspiring ABYSS brewery in Lewes to launch a twerk beer. Hosting wellness days and amapiano twerk parties, Zukiswa promotes twerking as an empowering art, educating women about its African roots.

Beyond twerking, she engages in yoga, sculpture nude modeling, and teaches at dancehall/high tea events and private parties.

Connect with Zukiswa on Facebook: Twerk4fitness Africa and Instagram: [twerk4fitness_africa](

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