Versatile SoulexLee shares his journey from poetry to music production

Neo Hlanganyathi, widely recognized as SoulexLee, emerges as a multifaceted creative force encompassing the realms of artistry, poetry, and versatile music production.

Originating from Lawley Ext 2 and raised in Kliptown, his journey unfolded from the realms of poetry, transitioning into the vibrant domain of an artist. Initially uncertain about his vocal prowess, a close friend served as the catalyst that ignited his passion for music, marking the inception of his musical odyssey in the early 2000s.

Transitioning from poetry to music, SoulexLee’s foray into music production in 2015 elevated his craft. Collaborating with acclaimed figures like Teddy The Rhyme, Master Jocker, Tbz, Yzee The Question, Bornlock, Taffi da Don, and France, his production skills and creative prowess flourished. Notably, his partnership with Babylon Empire NPC focused on international projects within Reggae and Dancehall music, adding further accolades to his repertoire.

His exceptional production skills earned industry recognition, propelling his projects to radio airplay. Looking ahead, SoulexLee aspires to master every facet of music, working across genres and securing global interviews.

His ambitions extend to establishing a professional studio and collaborating with esteemed artists such as A-Reece, Kabza de Small, Sizzla Kolonji, Jahmiel, Alkaline, and Koffee. Positioned to leave an indelible mark on the music landscape in the forthcoming years, SoulexLee endeavors to inspire others through his dedication and passion, urging them to pursue their musical dreams without hesitation.

For further inquiries or collaborations, SoulexLee can be contacted via email at

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