Eskom transfers loadshedding operations to City Power

Eskom is set to transfer load shedding operations to City Power, effective from 6 November. This strategic shift stems from a mutual agreement between the two power utilities, with City Power taking over load shedding operations for a significant portion of the regions it previously serviced, where Eskom had managed load shedding.

This transition will bring about adjustments to the load shedding blocks, consequently impacting the schedules in areas under City Power’s jurisdiction in Johannesburg, as well as Eskom’s coverage across Gauteng. In regions managed by City Power, the two-hour load shedding schedule will persist, even during stages 5 and beyond of load shedding. Both entities remain steadfast in their commitment to upholding the security of the power supply, in alignment with the stipulations outlined in NRS 048-9:2019. They will adhere to distribution licensing conditions to safeguard the integrity and stability of the national grid, even with these operational changes.

Due to the intricacies of the network configuration and technical constraints, City Power customers in Tshepisong, Lufhereng (Roodepoort), Hoogland, Maroeladal, Morningside, Riverclub, Dainfern, Bloubosrand, Waterford Estate, Riverbend, Kyasands, Bellairspark (Randburg), Halfway House, Halfway Gardens, Vorna Valley, Willowway (Midrand), and Marlboro Transit Camp (Alexandra) will continue to experience load shedding managed by Eskom.

The two entities will continue to explore technical solutions aimed at enabling City Power to assume load shedding responsibilities for the remaining customers. City Power has the necessary processes, systems, and technical capabilities in place to accommodate this expanded load shedding operation within the new schedule.

The revised blocks and schedules will be accessible to both City Power and Eskom customers on 6 November 2023, via their respective websites. City Power customers are encouraged to reach out to the utility directly for the updated load shedding schedule or visit their website at Similarly, Eskom customers can access their schedule at

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