City of Johannesburg engages Region G residents for Ward development planning

On 14 October, the City of Johannesburg (COJ) held a Community Based Planning (CPB) workshop at the Lenasia South Civic Centre to address the concerns of Wards 120 and 122.

The workshop brought together Ward 120 Councillor Puseletso Nzimande, Ward 122 Councillor Nkosephayo Zungu, and representatives from the COJ Citizen Relationship and Urban Management (CRUM).

The primary objectives included evaluating the ongoing progress in the Wards, recognizing challenges, brainstorming solutions, and delving into the initiatives slated for 2022. Additionally, the session aimed to provide feedback to the community regarding issues raised during the 2022 Integrated Development Plan (IDP) session.

Community members actively participated, reflecting on last year’s priorities, sharing successes, discussing goals achieved with minimal COJ assistance, and proposing three Capital Expenditure (CapEx) Integrated Development Plan (IDP) projects. Emphasizing Asset-Based Community Driven Development, the focus encompassed physical and natural assets, financial aspects, social structures, cultural elements, and human resources.

In the CBP workshop for Ward 120, new priorities surfaced, including a clinic in Phumlamqashi, a community hall in Vlakfontein Extension 3, and improvements in gravel roads and sewer capacity in Hospital Hills Extension 28, Vlakfontein Extensions 2 and 3, and Hospital Hills title deeds.

As the session concluded, CRUM selected three attendees for interviews to share insights from the CPB workshop. The community now eagerly anticipates feedback on the newly identified priority plans.

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