Local evangelical choir hits high note

In an awe-inspiring crescendo of local talent and determination, a remarkable choir, with members hailing predominantly from Hospital Hills and a sprinkle from Finetown, is hitting all the right notes on their path to stardom! Comprising 14 gifted members, this precocious choir of youngsters has been making waves in the music scene, and their success story is a symphony of heartwarming pride for their combined communities.

The Ivangeli Elisha Labakhethwa choir, known for their enchanting “clap and tap” music that tugs at the soul, this extraordinary choir has been riding the waves of success following their chart-topping albums, “Nkosi Ngisize” and “Emazweni Akude.” But that’s just the prelude to their soaring journey!

The crescendo reaches its zenith with the choir’s invitation to grace the airwaves of the esteemed Mzansi Joburg City FM. This golden opportunity not only showcases their exceptional talents but also resonates with the hearts of locals who have watched these young stars grow and thrive.

But that’s not all, dear readers! Mark your calendars for November 18, 2023, as this sensational choir is set to take center stage at the Eunice Moyo and Eunice Masithela Double CD Launch. The stage will be set at the illustrious Zebra Pond, promising an evening of musical magic and melodic enchantment that is bound to captivate the audience’s hearts and souls.

Their journey from two vibrant communities to the big stage is nothing short of remarkable, and their unique “clap and tap” music style adds a harmonious touch to the local music scene. It’s not just a melody; it’s an anthem of pride for Hospital Hills and Finetown, and a chorus of hope for aspiring musicians everywhere.

And that’s not all, as the Hospital Hills 525 ‘Ivangeli Elisha Labakhethwa’ choir has added to the symphony of success by releasing their very first promo music video, titled ‘Emazweni Akude,’ on September 4. Produced by the esteemed BMG, this visual treat promises to be a visual and auditory delight.

The entire community is singing their praises, and rightly so! It’s a heartwarming reminder that dreams do come true, and talent knows no boundaries. This choir’s journey is not just a musical success story; it’s a testament to the power of dedication, passion, and the unwavering faith of united communities.

In the grand crescendo of their musical journey, the Ivangeli Elisha Labakhethwa choir is inspiring hope, unity, and pride, making every note they sing a symbol of triumph for local talent everywhere. Their melodious journey is a source of joy, and their harmonious tunes are an anthem of pride for Hospital Hills and Finetown!

You can watch the video both on Facebook and YouTube by following the link below:



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