Empower the Game Changers: Help Keep Ennerdale Safe!

In a remarkable testament to community spirit and resilience, the Game Changers patrol group from Ennerdale has been tirelessly working to ensure the safety of their community. However, they are now reaching out to the very community they protect for assistance in acquiring vital equipment to enhance their effectiveness.

Randall Johnson, the dedicated Chairman of Game Changers, shares their inspiring journey. Since the inception of this neighborhood watch group in 2020, they have achieved something truly remarkable. Talking to GLOBE POST, he said “crime rates in all corners of Ennerdale have decreased by nearly 70%! The impact we have made is undeniable, but we are now faced with a new challenge of obtaining the necessary equipment.”

All the patrol work undertaken by the Game Changers is driven by volunteers who are deeply committed to their community. They operate without external funds or sponsors to assist in acquiring essential equipment. This selflessness and dedication deserves our support.

The Game Changers Neighborhood watch group is kindly appealing to the public for assistance in this endeavor. Your generosity can make a world of difference by sponsoring them with essential equipment such as boots, reflectors, raincoats, torches, and pepper sprays. These tools will not only empower their efforts but also help in maintaining the safety and security of Ennerdale.

Your contribution, no matter how small, will be a beacon of hope and a gesture of unity within the community. Together, we can help ensure that Ennerdale remains a safe haven for all its residents.

If you are ready to make a meaningful impact and support the Game Changers in their noble cause, please contact Randall Johnson on: 065 030 1600 or Denise Cassim on: 076 455 5340. Your assistance will not only provide them with equipment but also serve as a symbol of solidarity within the community.

Let’s join hands and empower the Game Changers to continue their mission of safeguarding our beloved Ennerdale!

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