Superheroes Unite: Lenasia South Ext 4’s Emmanuel Christian Fellowship hosts community sports day for hope and unity

Lenasia South Ext 4’s Emmanuel Christian Fellowship (ECF) church recently hosted a community sports day at the Giants Castle sports grounds to engage the community.

By Slindile Sibiya – Intern

The sports day theme was inspired by the marvel superheroes including Batman, Hulk, Black Panther and Superman, each superhero represented a different team.

The event kicked off with teams loudly performing their war cries before engaging in various activities such as the 100 metres race, relay , bean bag races, egg and spoon race, marshmallow challenge, sprite challenge as well as the crawler’s race for toddlers.

The Batman team emerged as overall winners, taking 1st place with Hulk’s team securing 2nd place, while Black Panther and Superman tied for 3rd place. Certificates were awarded to housemasters for their contribution to the event.  

Wesley Naidoo, the event organiser, told GLOBE POST: “Our community has become a place where crime is prevalent. Adults and children are afraid to even carry out daily activities. An event like this restores hope and faith. I believe that this event was a success as community members, both old and young, got to interact with each other. We got to share the love of Christ and let people know that there is always hope and a future even in the most difficult  situations.”

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