Lenasia South’s Umusa celebrates 10th Anniversary with heartfelt tribute to community support

In a heartfelt celebration of a decade of dedicated service to the community, Lenasia South’s Umusa Community Development Projects marked its 10th anniversary on Saturday, 30 September at its centre in Ext 4. The event was filled with gratitude for the organisation’s journey and a poignant tribute to the unsung heroes who have supported its mission of serving communities with limited resources.

Founded with a passionate commitment to making a difference in communities facing adversity, Umusa has thrived over the past ten years thanks to the love and tender mercies of a higher power. The organisation has consistently provided vital services to communities in need, a testament to the dedication of countless individuals who have contributed to its founding and maintenance.

However, amidst the celebration, Umusa took a special moment to honour one of its own, the remarkable Aunty Jacoba Bester. Despite her fragile condition, Aunty Jacoba graced the event with her presence, having recently been admitted to Daxina Hospital. Her powerful speech resonated with the elderly attendees, offering inspiration and motivation. She prayed for Umusa to continue to grow and serve the community and the nation. Aunty Jacoba and her entire family have been staunch supporters of Umusa since its inception, with her son, Brenton Dass, serving as one of Umusa’s directors.

Umusa’s vision for the future remains clear and focused, with a commitment to pursuing its objectives, including the establishment of a skills centre encompassing a vegetable garden, sewing classes, and homework supervision, along with extra classes. Additionally, recognizing the pressing issue of substance abuse, Umusa has identified the urgent need for a rehabilitation centre, making it one of their primary goals. The organisation aims to address and provide solutions to the challenges that affect their community and the nation as a whole.

Throughout its journey, Umusa has received invaluable support from stakeholders and beneficiaries, particularly the children who have grown with the organisation and now stand as loyal youth members. The elderly members, affectionately referred to as “abogogo,” touched everyone’s hearts during the celebration by surprising the founder with heartfelt gifts, showcasing their unwavering support and strength.

Umusa’s gratitude extends to its main sponsor, Plus 94 Research Company, whose generous contributions have made all their celebrations, including this milestone, possible. Their dedication and support have been instrumental in allowing Umusa to continue its vital work.

As the event concluded, Pastor Nomusa T. Radebe-Tshabalala, the founder and CEO of Umusa Community Development Projects, expressed her gratitude for the organisation’s remarkable journey and its unwavering commitment to serving the community. The celebration served as a reminder of the profound impact that dedicated individuals and organisations can have when they come together to make a difference. Umusa looks to the future with renewed vigor, ready to face the challenges that lie ahead as it continues to uplift and empower communities in need.

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