Lenasia South to unite in prayer: LSDIA and CPF join forces for community safety

In a bid to enhance community cohesion and address safety concerns, the Lenasia South Devine Intervention Approach (LSDIA) is partnering with the Lenasia South Community Policing Forum (CPF) to organise a special prayer meeting to address and seek divine intervention for crime-related challenges within the Lenasia South community. The focus will also be on safety in business compliance, neatness/cleanliness on our local street vendors/business owners and responsible social behaviour practices like using the public toilets after drinking and not urinating in the public/streets.

Event Details:
Date: Tuesday, 2 October
Time: 10am
Meeting Point: Lenasia South Police Station

All members of the Lenasia South community, regardless of background or affiliation, are cordially invited to participate in this significant prayer gathering.

Prayer Route:

The prayer meeting will include visits to three crime hotspots within the community, with the objective of invoking blessings and guidance for safer neighborhoods:

Shoprite Golden Highway Complex: The journey will commence at the Shoprite Golden Highway Complex, where participants will collectively pray for the protection and safety of the area.

BP Sheffield: The second stop will be at BP Sheffield, where prayers will be offered for peace and security, particularly for those who frequent this location.

Local Shebeen on Sheffield Road: The final destination will be a local shebeen on Sheffield Road. Here, participants will seek divine intervention to reduce incidents that may affect both patrons and the surrounding community.

This collaborative prayer meeting underscores the shared responsibility of creating a safer and more harmonious community. It provides an opportunity for residents to unite, regardless of their faith or beliefs, and collectively address the challenges facing the community.

The organizers, LSDIA and CPF, are confident that by seeking divine guidance and fostering unity among community members, a significant impact can be made on community safety. All residents are encouraged to participate in this prayerful journey, taking a stand against crime and working together to build a more secure and peaceful Lenasia South.

For further information and inquiries, interested parties may contact Sgt Thys Mokoena on 079 881 1888.

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