City Power takes action: Disconnects non-compliant customers in Lenasia

City Power has disconnected defaulting and non-paying customers in Lenasia who owe over R20-Million, with the giant Petroleum franchise, BP being among the list.

Today’s operation, which was part of our ongoing revenue collection drive, was targeting seven businesses and residential customers. One of those businesses, was the well-known filling station brand – BP – in Nancefield.

The business owes City Power over R6.6-Million and it was disconnected during the operation. In Total, over R1.3 Billion is owed to the Lensasia Service Delivery Centre. City Power, with the help of Law enforcement agencies has ramped up efforts to close the growing customer debt which has reached unsustainable levels.

What is more worrying, is that only 5% of metered customers in the area are paying for their electricity bills. This shows the worsening state of blatant refusal to pay for services. This is particularly concerning when taking into consideration the sheer scale of consumption from those customers in both industrial and residential areas.

In a bid to recoup over R10-Billion owed to City Power in unpaid bills and to foster a culture of payment of services, City Power along with other Joburg entities will be continuing with service cut-off operations.Every week, we will be visiting non-paying customers and those who have connected illegally to our network – to demand payment.

We are in the process of serving more non-paying customers with notices. They will be cut-off in the coming weeks if they fail to pay. Although there has been some measure of push-back from some sections of communities that we have visited, there are those who are beginning to show signs of embracing what City Power is trying to achieve.

Since the start of the programme a few weeks ago, we have already started seeing customers coming forward on voluntary basis, to pay their outstanding bills. We urge more customers to visit our service delivery centres to make arrangements to settle their electricity bills before we pay them an unpleasant visit.

Failure to pay for services will negatively impact City Power’s continued ability to render quality and uninterrupted electricity supply. The City also wish to thank and commend those who continue to pay for services.

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