JRA urges Lenasia South residents to follow procedure for Security Access Restrictions after receiving one incomplete application

In response to a rising wave of crime in Lenasia South, concerned residents took matters into their own hands by erecting various structures to restrict entry into their streets. Their aim was to deter criminals from accessing their homes, but it has now come to light that these measures were not in accordance with the City of Johannesburg’s Security Access Restriction Policy, which was adopted by the council back in 2018.

By Ottis Manyoba

The policy, which governs the installation of Security Access Restrictions, such as boom gates, stipulates that residents must first apply to the Johannesburg Roads Agency (JRA) for approval.

In an exclusive interview with GLOBE POST, Nobuntu Duze, Deputy Director of Transport Systems Management at the City, revealed that only one incomplete application for the installation of boom gates in Lenasia South had been received.

Duze expressed concern about the haphazard manner in which residents had erected security access restrictions.

“These unauthorized measures were implemented in an incorrect manner and do not account for Emergency Management Services, such as ambulances and firetrucks, and also fail to consider service providers like Pikitup.”

 She emphasized that these closures are illegal and cannot deviate from the council-approved policy.

Duze urged residents to adhere to the proper procedure and submit their applications to JRA so that the process can be formalized. To apply for Security Access Restrictions in their areas, JRA encourages residents to follow these steps:

Step 1

Prospective applicants should download the 2018 security access restriction policy on http//www.jra.org.za/ya-info/policies-procedures

Step 2  

Should the applicant require any clarity on the Policy the contact people are Nobuntu Duze (NobuntuD@joburg.org.za) and Chiza Mahlobo (ChizaM@joburg.org.za) at the transport department.

Step 3

The applicant should then submit an application to the City through the JRA. The contact person is Carol Moalusi (Cmoalusi@jra.org.za)

Step 4

The JRA will acknowledge receipt of application in writing within 7 business days.

Step 5

Within 14 business days the JRA will inform the applicant of any outstanding documentation.

Step 6

Within 90 business days of receipt of the application the applicant will be called to a section 45(2) meeting

Step 7

Within 30 business days from date of section 4 (2) meeting the Transport Department will provide the minutes of the meeting.

Step 8

Within 45 business days from date of the section 45(2) meeting, the Executive Director makes an interim decision on the application. The JRA inform the applicant in writing.

Step 9

The applicant is granted 30 business days to make any representation if they wish to on the interim decision of the Executive Director.

Step 10

Should the applicant make representations then the Executive Director must make an interim decision within 30 business days of receipt of the representation and communicate the decision in writing to the applicant.

Step 11

The JRA issues the applicant an interim approval letter which must be advertised for 30 business days in a local newspaper. Government Gazette and all locations where structures will be erected.

Step 12

The applicant advertises the interim decision for a period of 30 days for public comment.

 Comments are directed to: Chiza Mahlobo (Chizam@joburg.org.za)

Step 13

Should there be comments or objections the City notifies the applicant of such and gives the applicant 30 days to respond.

Step 14

Once the response from the applicant has been considered together with the comments and objections from the public, the Executive Director makes a final decision on the application which is communicated to all concerned parties by the Transport Department.

Step 15

Should any of the parties not be satisfied with the final decision, appeals may be lodged with the Office of the City Manager 21 days from date of notification of the final decisions.

2 thoughts on “JRA urges Lenasia South residents to follow procedure for Security Access Restrictions after receiving one incomplete application

  • September 28, 2023 at 8:27 pm

    The perpetrators do not ask and apply for permission to invade our privacy, steel and hijack us. Why should us as abiding cirtizens of this country have to ask permission and pay an application fee. This should be free. We deserve the Wright to our dignity and safety, which they fail to provide.😡😡😡😡 Get your priorities straight and wave the fee.

  • December 19, 2023 at 5:22 pm

    This is illegal. Coz we dont have access to certain streets during day light. Times these gates are closed is also ridiculous. This is not an estate domain but public. Who came up with this rules disragrding others in the name of crime. On top of that these guards are unqualified. Do things the legal way. We also part of tgis community


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