Meet Ennerdale’s award-winning author and advocate for women empowerment: Melissa Visser

Melissa ‘Mel J’ Visser, a 40-year-old resident of Ennerdale in the south of Johannesburg, is making waves with her remarkable achievements and unwavering dedication to empowering women. With an impressive list of accolades and a passion for inspiring others, Melissa’s journey is nothing short of inspiring.

Among her notable achievements, Melissa has been recognized as the 2nd runner-up for the Community Heroine Award, a Women of Valor Award recipient, and a winner of the Premiers Award in the Education and Skills Development category. Her commitment to motivating and uplifting others extends to her role as a motivational speaker and philanthropist, particularly in programs designed to empower women.

Melissa holds certifications as a Life Coach, Trainer, and Facilitator, as well as being a Paralegal. She is also the Director of Mel J and Iron Sharpens Iron and actively contributes to NGOs, including H&M Projects and Alleviate & Elevate. Additionally, she is a valued member of Gauteng Women in Insurance and serves as a co-opted member of the Insurance Institute of Gauteng, where she manages their Social Media Portfolio.

As if her impressive resume isn’t enough, Melissa achieved several remarkable milestones in the past two months. On July 31st, she was honoured with the AfriCan Award for her 2nd and 3rd books, both of which were launched on the same day. In a heartwarming twist, her 12-year-old daughter, Jami Jacobs, who attends school at Gibson Pillay Learning Academy in Lenasia South, also received an award for her first book ‘Happiness’ on the same occasion. It’s a testament to the talent and inspiration that runs in the family.

August, being Women’s Month, brought even more recognition for Melissa. The Gauteng Legislature celebrated her outstanding contributions to the literary world by awarding her the Outstanding Creative Award in the Outstanding Creative Award category, further solidifying her status as a respected author.

September 10th marked another momentous occasion in Melissa’s journey as she received the Public Choice Award following her participation in her second pageant, Queens with a Purpose, held at the Apollo Hotel. Simultaneously, she holds the title of 2nd Princess in her first pageant, Mrs. Africa.

Melissa’s passion for Women Empowerment is evident in her active participation in programs aimed at uplifting women. Her books, titled ‘When You Get to My Age’ and ‘When You Too Get to My Age’ both won awards in the Women Empowerment category. Her dedication and accomplishments have led to her being a 3-time published award-winning author and a 2-time Vita Basadi award winner.

Melissa Visser continues to serve as an inspiration to all, proving that with hard work, discipline, and a commitment to empowering others, one can achieve greatness and make a lasting impact on their community and beyond.

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