Hospital Hills community forms patrol group to combat rising crime

In response to a surge in criminal activities, the community of Hospital Hills has taken matters into their own hands by establishing a neighborhood patrol group to protect residents from the growing threat of crime in the area.

Themba Motloung, the leader of the patrolling team, told GLOBE POST: “We created this patrol group due to the alarming increase in nighttime house break-ins and thefts involving mobile phones. We realized we couldn’t solely rely on the police, so we took it upon ourselves to safeguard our community.”

The community patrol initiative kicked off in August, and locals have reported positive changes despite some initial challenges. Residents are optimistic that over time, crime rates will decrease, and wrongdoers will be brought to justice.

Motloung spoke candidly about the challenges the patrol group faces, saying, “As patrollers, we encounter various obstacles that hinder our work. We lack proper uniforms and essential equipment like pepper sprays, batons, and flashlights. Moreover, we struggle to obtain immediate police backup when confronted by armed criminals.”

Nelson Rasenyalo, another dedicated patroller, stressed the need for functional equipment,added: “We currently patrol without essential gear and often improvise. We urgently require walkie-talkies for communication, work boots, jackets, and, if possible, training to handle emergency situations involving injured individuals while awaiting medical response.”

The patrol group has reached out to the police for support, but their request has gone unanswered. Consequently, they are now appealing to the public for assistance in acquiring the necessary equipment to enhance their community protection efforts.

If you would like to contribute or offer your support, please get in touch with Themba Motloung on 065 537 1548 or Nelson Rasenyalo on 073 370 2134. Together, we can help make Hospital Hills a safer place for all its residents.

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