Suspect arrested for shooting security officer in Lenasia South

In an incident that happened on Sunday, 24 September, just before 6am, police responded to a distress call involving a violent attack on a 44-year-old security officer who was shot by a 40-year-old suspect while carrying out his duties at Roots store located along the Golden Highway in Lenasia South.

According to SAPS spokesperson, Brig Brenda Muridili, the unfortunate incident occurred when the victim, the security officer, was approached by the suspect, who engaged him in a brief exchange of words before opening fire. Following the shooting, the suspect quickly fled the scene.

However, the suspect’s criminal escapade did not end there. Later that morning, at approximately 8:30am, the same assailant brazenly broke into a residence located in Phumlamqashi. Inside the house, he was caught red-handed by the homeowner, who had just finished changing her clothes.

Startled by the homeowner’s presence, the suspect promptly fled the scene. But fortune was not on his side this time. Law enforcement was hot on his trail, thanks to the prompt response of the Soweto Flying Squad members, who were already in pursuit following the initial attempted murder incident.

The suspect was swiftly apprehended on the same day, facing charges not only for the attempted murder of the security officer but also for the house robbery in Phumlamqashi.

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