All SASSA beneficiaries have been paid, says Postbank

Postbank has reassured SASSA beneficiaries and the public that, based on its records, all outstanding SASSA grant payments to recipients affected by the system incident on the 5th and 6th of September have been successfully processed.

“The process of refunding funds to all affected beneficiaries’ accounts has been successfully completed. Many SASSA Gold Card beneficiaries with pending payments have accessed their funds through various channels, including ATMs and retailers,” said Postbank spokesperson, Dr Bongani Diako.

He added that beneficiaries seeking information or assistance regarding their social grant payments can contact Postbank via the following means noting that the email and WhatsApp customer contact responses are automated, so only provide beneficiary details:

Diako added: “We have also identified instances of fraudulent activities where individuals, who have already received their funds, attempted to secure double payments. Our systems are robust, and these attempts are unlikely to succeed. Instead, such actions obstruct the system and hinder those genuinely in need of assistance. We strongly condemn this behavior, and we will report it to law enforcement agencies. Additionally, it perpetuates the false belief that a significant number of SASSA beneficiaries have not received their payments. Postbank reaffirms its commitment to ensuring that all SASSA beneficiaries receive their rightful payments.”

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