Ward 7 Councillor Lois Simonse addresses community challenges and calls for constructive engagement

COJ Ward 7 Councillor, Lois Simonse, yesterday, 14 September 2023 released the following address to the residents…

Dear Fellow Residents of Ward 7,

I stand before you today to address the current situation that is affecting our beloved community. It is with great concern that I bring to your attention the challenges we face in delivering essential services due to the actions of a certain group within our midst.

This group, whose name we shall not mention for now, has voiced their demands and concerns in a manner that, while well-intentioned, has led to disruptions in the ongoing projects that our City Council has been tirelessly working on. These projects have been carefully crafted to enhance the overall well-being and development of our community, addressing critical issues like infrastructure, public amenities, and community services.

However, I firmly believe that open dialogue and constructive engagement are the foundations of a thriving democracy. I encourage all residents to voice their concerns and needs. It is crucial to maintain a harmonious relationship between our elected representatives and the community, ensuring that your voices are heard and your interests are well-represented.

It pains me to see these disruptions not only causing delays and cost overruns but also hampering the provision of essential services to you, the residents of Ward 7. I want to reassure you all that I am committed to working diligently to represent your interests and ensure that our community continues to progress.

I acknowledge the importance of community engagement and am always ready to listen to your concerns. Please know that my office is open to all residents, and I am here to facilitate conversations that can lead to positive outcomes for our community.

In the spirit of democracy, I call upon this certain group to engage in productive conversations with the City, its entities, and me, rather than resorting to actions that hinder service delivery and democratic processes. Together, we can find solutions that benefit all residents and enable us to move forward as a united and thriving community.

For any further inquiries or to schedule a meeting, please feel free to contact my office:

Councillor Lois Simonse COJ Ward 7

Phone: 063 478 2898

Email: LoisS@joburg.org.za

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