Meet Ennerdale’s Kgomotso Makgamatha: The rising voice in the Miss Revolve South Africa pageant

In a dazzling display of talent and passion, Kgomotso Makgamatha, a 20-year-old activist for #endingperiodpoverty, has emerged as a semi-finalist in the Miss Revolve South Africa competition. With her unwavering commitment to social justice and a fiery determination to stand up for what is right, Kgomotso is making waves in the world of pageantry.

Kgomotso’s journey to the semi-finals of Miss Revolve South Africa began with a simple click on a social media post. Hailing from Ennerdale, a vibrant community on the outskirts of Johannesburg, Kgomotso stumbled upon the competition online and immediately felt a profound connection.

She told GLOBE POST: “I got introduced to Miss Revolve South Africa through social media.I read up about the competition and immediately knew that I had to take part; they matched exactly what I was looking for in pageantry, which is being unapologetic about who I am.”

For Kgomotso, the competition has been a whirlwind of challenges and opportunities. Balancing the demands of work with the various assigned projects was no easy feat, but she met each obstacle with unwavering determination. To her, these challenges were merely stepping stones on the path to success. “It has always been my dream to see myself famous for the right reasons and be amongst the likes of Coleman Megan, Claude Henkel, Joan Ramagoshi, Zozibini Tunzi, as well as our recently crowned Miss SA 2023 Natasha Joubert,” Makgamatha added.

One of Kgomotso’s guiding lights throughout her journey has been the wisdom of Tata Nelson Mandela. She often reflects on his words: “There’s no easy walk to freedom anywhere, and many of us will pass through the valley of the shadow of death again and again before we reach the mountaintop of our desires.” For Kgomotso, participating in Miss Revolve South Africa is her way of pursuing her deepest desires and aspirations, one bold step at a time.

Makgamatha’s journey in the competition now enters a critical phase, where the support of the community and well-wishers becomes crucial. Those who wish to back this rising star can do so through the voting process, where every contribution counts:

  • R20 = 4 votes
  • R50 = 10 votes
  • R100 = 20 votes

Contributions can be made to the following account:

FNB: EJ Holdings (PTY) LTD

Account number: 63020951629

Reference: Candidate’s name

As Kgomotso Makgamatha continues to break barriers, raise her voice for important causes, and chase her dreams, the support of her community and the broader South African public will undoubtedly play a pivotal role in her journey through Miss Revolve South Africa. Her remarkable story serves as an inspiration to aspiring individuals across the nation, reminding us all that passion, determination, and a commitment to justice can lead to remarkable achievements.

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