Secure your legacy: National Wills Week 2023 – Your path to protecting your assets and wishes

Do you have a will? Is your will up to date? Who will inherit from you when you can no longer express your wishes?

These are critical questions to consider when contemplating your legacy.

A will is an essential legal document that ensures your assets are distributed in accordance with your wishes after your passing. To guarantee the preservation of your desires, it is advisable to have a will drafted by a qualified Legal Practitioner who can navigate all the necessary legal requirements.

Legal Aid South Africa is among the many law firms stepping up in support of this important cause. During National Wills Week, taking place from 11-15 September 2023, Legal Aid SA will provide a will drafting service to the public at no cost. This initiative aims to raise awareness about the significance of having a will and ensuring it is current and in proper order.

To take advantage of this opportunity, please visit your nearest Legal Aid SA office during National Wills Week. Don’t forget to bring your ID document, a detailed list of your assets (such as property, clothing items, family heirlooms, and funds), and the particulars of those you intend to leave your assets to.

Whether you have yet to create a will or need to update your existing one, Legal Aid SA is here to assist you throughout National Wills Week.

For further information, including a list of participating law firms and Legal Practitioners, please visit the Law Society of South Africa’s website:

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