Increased armed robberies and vehicle hijacking prompt safety reminders in Lenasia South

Lenasia South has recently witnessed a concerning surge in armed robberies and vehicle hijackings, prompting local authorities and security companies to issue important safety reminders to residents. In light of these incidents, here are crucial tips to enhance your safety and security in the area:

1. Exercise Caution During Load Shedding:

  • Be exceptionally vigilant when entering or exiting your home, especially during load shedding periods. Criminals often take advantage of the darkness and power outages as ideal opportunities for hijackings.

2. Identify Hi-Jacking Hotspots:

  • Certain areas in Lenasia South have become hotspots for hijacking incidents. These typically include secluded streets and petrol stations. In just this week, two hijacking incidents were reported in the vicinity.

3. Share Vehicle Information:

  • Ensure that your family and friends are aware of your vehicle’s registration details and the company responsible for tracking it. This information can be vital in case of emergencies.

4. Report Suspicious Activity:

  • Stay vigilant and report any suspicious activity immediately to your security company and local authorities. Quick reporting can help prevent crimes and aid in the apprehension of suspects.
  • Regularly check and maintain your alarm system and panic buttons to ensure they are in good working order.

5. Prioritize Personal Safety:

  • In the event of a hijacking, it is crucial to prioritize your personal safety above all else. Do not attempt to fight back or resist the criminals. Material possessions, such as your car, can be replaced, but your life cannot.

Local security experts and authorities are collaborating to address the rising crime rates in Lenasia South. Rapid Response Security, along with other security companies, remains committed to ensuring the safety of residents in the area.

By following these safety guidelines and being proactive in reporting suspicious activities, residents can contribute to a safer and more secure community for everyone in Lenasia South. Stay informed, stay vigilant, and stay safe.

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