Finetown’s talented visual artist communicates through art

Asanele Mangali, a 25-year-old creative hailing from Grasmere in Finetown, is making waves with his artistry from the comfort of his home studio. Mangali specializes in commissioned portraits, paintings, drawings, and also takes on freelance projects.

Art has been Mangali’s lifelong passion, a medium through which he narrates stories and brings them to life through his illustrations. After completing his Matric, he began taking orders for commissioned portraits, charging a modest R25 per piece. In 2019, he took a significant step forward by enrolling at Central Johannesburg College to study art and design, seeking to refine and elevate his artistic skills.

Reflecting on his journey, Mangali told GLOBE POST: “The course not only enhanced my artistic abilities but also provided insights into the business side of the art world, which inspired me to establish my own studio.”

Like many entrepreneurs, Mangali encounters various challenges, such as material shortages and a lack of community support.

“Establishing oneself as an artist is no easy feat, especially in a township where art appreciation is relatively limited,” he added.

Mangali draws inspiration from a diverse range of sources, including renowned artists, the wonders of nature, daily life, architectural marvels, and cutting-edge technology. These influences serve as his creative catalyst, offering him a means to self-discovery while nurturing qualities of kindness and patience. He regards art as his sanctuary, a space where he can retreat from reality.

Looking ahead, Mangali aspires to share his creations with the world and inspire budding artists who wish to explore the realms of artistry. In his concluding words, Mangali expressed his future goals, saying: “In the future, I hope to showcase my work to a global audience, spreading inspiration to those eager to embark on their artistic journeys.”

If you’re interested in experiencing Mangali’s captivating artwork, you can reach out to him at 078 841 4550 or connect with him on social media:

  • Facebook: Asanele Mangali
  • Instagram: @artsanele

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