Lenasia and Eldorado Park residents to benefit from Gauteng Human Settlements’ transfer of 194 Provincial Government-owned flats to qualifying and deserving individuals

The Gauteng Department of Human Settlements (GDHS) has committed towards fixing and transferring government-owned flats to qualifying occupants in order to improve the quality of lives of those long-term tenants and provide them and their families security of tenure.

The department calls upon the communities of Eldorado Park and Lenasia living respectively in Double Alphabet flats, Diamond Street flats, Silver Street Flats, Goud Street Flats, Hillbrow Flats, Dallas Flats, Westgate Flats, Kersiedorp row houses, Harlem flats and South Fork flats, to exercise patience and give this process a chance.

The Department is currently planning on issuing title deeds for those flats that were transferred, the process involves beneficiary education on ownership, rights, and responsibilities.

A total of 122 qualifying families in Dallas, Westgate and Harlem flats and a further 72 in Lenasia stand to qualify from this windfall while the balance will remain in government hands until qualifying or approved beneficiaries have been allocated.

“There will be remedial construction work at these flats that we will be transferring, the Department is attending to this. We have also sourced a professional resource team to assess the condition of the remaining flats and once done a bill of quantities will be compiled for the Department to consider the repairs on these flats. With regards to unplanned maintenance at all the flats, the Department had indicated that they were having difficulties in allocating work to contractors due to the current rates payable, hence a process of revising these rates is underway,” said the Department’s Head of Communication, Tahir Sema.

The department assures affected families that once the rates for the contractors have been finalised, maintenance will resume, and properties where sectional schemes have been registered will then be transferred to the qualifying occupants.

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